AIES Event Log

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Date/Time Comments
05/25/2022 20:00Keephills 3 on line.
05/25/2022 13:01Keephills #3 off line.
05/25/2022 10:41Correction to the 05/24/2022 10:35 post: The SMP that was in effect as of 05/24/2022 at 10:35 was $281.08.
05/24/2022 19:59Keephills 3 online.
05/24/2022 17:10Keephills 3 offline.
05/24/2022 11:39Keephills 3 online.
05/24/2022 11:35The AESO has cancelled Limited Market Operation at 11:35:2022/05/24. Normal markets operations and communications have resumed.
05/24/2022 10:35This is the Alberta Electrical System Operator, as of 10:35 on 2022/ 05/24 Limited Market Operations have been declared due to widespread internet issues. The AESO will be dispatching from the HE12 merit order. The SMP as of 10:35 is $289.87. The duration of limited market operation is unknown at this time.
05/24/2022 08:50Keephills 3 offline.
05/22/2022 20:18Battle River #5 online.
05/22/2022 17:36Battle River 5 offline
05/20/2022 12:36Battle River 5 on line.
05/20/2022 00:40Sundance 6 on line.
05/19/2022 08:54Path 83 out of service

Report Disclaimer
The above information represents a log of non-confidential system events of public interest that impact the AIES. It is a manual communications tool updated by the AESO on a reasonable efforts basis.