AIES Event Log

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Date/Time Comments
01/29/2023 03:53Calgary Energy Centre on line.
01/28/2023 22:44Calgary Energy Centre off line
01/27/2023 14:07Battle River 5 Online
01/26/2023 23:10Battle River 5 off line
01/26/2023 15:04Sundance 6 On Line
01/25/2023 13:20Genesee unit 1 on line
01/24/2023 23:19Mackay 1 offline
01/24/2023 17:08Sundance 6 offline.
01/24/2023 12:27The AESO is doing planned system maintenance today at 12:30PM for approximately 30 minutes. If disconnected from ADaMS or ETS, users may need to refresh their browsers. Submissions and restatements will not be affected.

Report Disclaimer
The above information represents a log of non-confidential system events of public interest that impact the AIES. It is a manual communications tool updated by the AESO on a reasonable efforts basis.