Estimated Cost of Constraint Report Help
This public report provides the estimated settlement cost to resolve constraints in the Electric Energy Market for a settlement hour.

This report detail information includes the settlement hour, estimated cost of constraint, estimated transmission constraint rebalancing (TCR) charge and regional location(s) that contributed to the constraint for the settlement hour.

Reporting Period includes the last 24 hours for Trading Page and Current report versions.
Reporting Period for Historical report version as selected.
Definition of Column Content
Column 1-End Date (HE) - Settlement Date and Hour Ending period
Column 2-Estimated Cost ($) - The estimated cost of constraint for the settlement hour.
Column 3-Estimated TCR Charge ($/MWh) - formula:
 Estimated Cost ($) / ((Net-to-Grid Generation - Net Actual Interchange) * (100% - System Average Losses%))
Column 4-Location of Constraints - Regional location(s) contributing to the constraint.

The System Average Losses % is provided for the year in the annual loss factors reports provided in the Current Loss Factors section of the AESO website (
Available Formats
Timing of Updates
Updated hourly.