System Marginal Price (SMP) Report Help

This public report provides an interval snapshot of the current System Marginal Price (SMP). This report is always current and shows the last 3-hour history of the SMP.

This report contains information on End Date, Timestamp, Block Volume and Block Price.

All Bid data is displayed in red text.
All Offer data is displayed in black text.
The currently dispatched block is highlighted in blue.
Rows for which the logged in user has ownership share and/or is the submitting customer are highlighted yellow. You must be logged in to see the yellow highlighting.
Definition of Column Content
Column 1-Date Hour Ending (HE)
Column 2-Time - The timestamp of when the block set the SMP
Column 3-Price ($) - The offered price of the block that set the SMP
Column 4-The Available MW for the block at the time the block set the SMP
Available Formats
Timing of Updates
This report is updated every 5 minutes