System Marginal Price

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Projected Pool Price for Hour Ending 02 is $92.49 as of 01:16.
Date (HE) Time Price ($) Volume (MW)
08/04/2021 0201:0392.005
08/04/2021 0201:00101.8645
08/04/2021 0124:52114.0033
08/04/2021 0124:35116.0033
08/04/2021 0124:29117.0033
08/04/2021 0124:27122.0146
08/04/2021 0124:18125.3350
08/04/2021 0124:00125.3553
08/03/2021 2423:36139.4627
08/03/2021 2423:34141.1486
08/03/2021 2423:27150.0015
08/03/2021 2423:00164.6320
08/03/2021 2322:39164.0045
08/03/2021 2322:28175.0040
08/03/2021 2322:23180.0075
08/03/2021 2322:21185.0065
08/03/2021 2322:20200.001
08/03/2021 2322:17215.3330
08/03/2021 2322:08375.3014
08/03/2021 2322:06200.001
08/03/2021 2322:00190.0010

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