System Marginal Price

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Projected Pool Price for Hour Ending 17 is $77.90 as of 16:23.
Date (HE) Time Price ($) Volume (MW)
11/26/2021 1716:1779.1150
11/26/2021 1716:0775.4350
11/26/2021 1716:0074.0370
11/26/2021 1615:2874.0970
11/26/2021 1615:0670.5937
11/26/2021 1615:0068.7451
11/26/2021 1514:1068.7451
11/26/2021 1514:0370.5937
11/26/2021 1514:0074.2370
11/26/2021 1413:2874.1670
11/26/2021 1413:2068.7451
11/26/2021 1413:0657.0450
11/26/2021 1413:0068.7451

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